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Bosco-Adams Project was started by the Adams Family in Melbourne, Australia with the express purpose of helping to feed, clothe and educate at least 50 children at an orphanage in Bangalore.

Bosco Mane, which is an existing organisation in Bangalore, catering to poor and destitute children, is the venue for this project. 3 floors of the building in Chamrajpet have been allocated to this project with work going on to renovate and provide accommodation for the boys at the site.

Destitute children in Bangalore usually reside in squalid homes, where they either are beaten or starved and have no future in life.

Your donations, however small, will go a long way in helping these less fortunate children attain something more in life, with education and nourishment to help them get there.

Some ways of donating is by downloading the brochure, filling it in and sending it to the address in Melbourne OR you can order the Silicone bracelets for a mere sum of $2.00 + postage. 50 bracelets or more will be sent free of charge, within Australia.

Your generosity will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your interest and contribution.


The Bosco-Adams Project asks for your support in developing a society that cares for their children. Join us in our fight to secure a better future for the street children of India.

Bosco-Adams has initiated a Child Sponsorship Programme, in an effort to not only raise needed funds for these children, but also provide individuals the opportunity to make a notable difference within their community.

For approximately AUD $40.00 per month, you can sponsor one child providing him / her with a bed to sleep in, proper nutrition, clothing, medication, day-to-day care, and above all, an adequate education.