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Lourdh Raj

Lourdh Raj

12 years old

Orignally from: Tamil Nadu

Lourdh Raj
Lourdh Raj is from Somnur, Tamil Nadu. His father is a weaver and mother is a shop cleaner. His two brothers are studying. Due to their poor financial circumstances, his parents were not able to provide for their children. His mother brought all of her children to BOSCO and explained the family situation. Now all three children are with BOSCO.

He began his basic education in Model School even though he was in 4th class before coming to BOSCO. Later he was admitted to St. Joseph´s Primary School as he had progressed wonderfully. Now he is 2nd in command for his class. He is the class leader who keeps order in the class when the teacher isn´t present.

He is good in drawing and crafts. He also plays football very well.

He is very lean and weak in his physical appearance. He is given lots of care to help improve his physical state.

He wants to become a doctor.