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Vijay S.M.K

Vijay S.M.K

9 years old

Orignally from: Bangalore

Vijay S.M.K
Vijay´s father is a painter and his mother used to sell vegetables. His two brothers and sister work to help his family. After his school hours Vijay also go to market for selling the green leaves.

Vijay didn´t go to school until BOSCO staff met Vijay at a market where he was selling green leaves. He expressed a desire to study if ever got the chance. The staff member gave him that chance and brought him to BOSCO. It was a turning point in his life.

He began his formal education at Model School from where he learned all the basic requirements for the further classes. Though he is an average student, he is very hard working. Now he is studying in 2nd standard at St. Joseph´s Primary School.

He plays the caroms wonderfully. He is also a good dancer and acts in small skits and dramas.

He is very weak physically, but doesn´t have major health problems.

He wants to become a police man.