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Donations and Sponsorship

The target for the Bosco-Adams Project is to provide shelter, food, clothing, medical care and education to a minimum of 50 children. The initial project concentrates on homeless and orphaned boys, but the project aims to also open a home for girls at a later stage. The costs also cover the expense of having two live–in carers to supervise and look after the day-to-day needs of the children.

Phase 1 – Renovations
Estimated cost – $20,000.00

Phase 2 – Furnishings
Estimated cost – $5,000.00

Phase 3 – Sponsorship (ongoing)
Estimated cost – $30,000 per year for a minimum of 50 children

Phase 4 – Home for girls


$10 will buy textbooks for the children
$20 will buy medical supplies
$40 will support one child for a month
$100 will buy clothes and other necessities


To make a donation immediately please transfer to:

Bosco Adams
Bsb: 036231
Acc: 340955

To download the donation / sponsorship form please click here.

Bosco Adams Donations and Sponsorship Form


You can be in regular contact with the child and send gifts/cards to the Bosco Home.

You can visit the child at the residence, stay with them and share in their daily activities (subject to availability of accommodation).

You can be a Bosco-Adams family member and will be invited for family day celebrations and other programmes.

You can invite other members who would like to join the Bosco-Adams family.

All donations / payments for sponsorship over AUD $2.00 are tax deductible.