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The plight of street children

The growing number of street children in India is a modern day phenomenon. There are currently an estimated 80,000 street and destitute children in Bangalore alone. These children spend most of their days and nights living and working on the streets, doing such jobs as rag picking, hotel work, carrying luggage and other low wage occupations. They have either lost their families through death or have simply run away due to poverty, overcrowding or abuse at home. Many turn to the street out of desperation and pursue an aimless life.

The low income earned makes it impossible for the children to have decent food or clothing, and the unavailability of clean water and toilets make them vulnerable to health problems. Malnutrition, skin and parasitic diseases are common as a result of these poor conditions. Drug abuse is growing at an alarming rate and is leading to increased violence and unprotected sex.

Overall, the living and working conditions for the street children fail to provide an adequate environment in which the children can have a healthy growth, both physical and mental.


The Bosco-Adams Project is a partnership between the Salesians of Don Bosco Charities in Bangalore and the Adams Family in Australia. Their vision is for the betterment of the poor children in India.

Bosco Mane or “Bosco Home” is an existing shelter for the children, mainly boys. It provides food, clothing, shelter and most importantly, an education for a better future.

The Bosco-Adams Project attempts to encourage the children at risk to join the mainstream of society as educated and productive citizens. It achieves this by partnering with the children in their daily struggle to grow and become socially contributing and economically independent young individuals.

Previously, the main strategy has been to reinstate children to their proper homes. However, this has become increasingly difficult, as most of the children are products of poverty stricken or broken families. Their homes cannot adequately supply them with the education and proper care needed for healthy living.